Small cash credit – Which banks grants a small loan

There are not many ways to get cash. It becomes difficult when there are no financial reserves. Then only a small cash loan will help. But which bank grants such small loans?

What are the options?

What are the options?

First and foremost, friends and relatives can help out of the financial crunch. If this is not possible due to lack of money, there are not many options. One of these is the overdraft facility, provided that it has not yet been exhausted. The good thing about this overdraft facility is its flexibility. The overdraft facility can be used at any time.

While this is an expensive matter, it is the most effective and unbureaucratic. A prior arrangement with the bank is no longer necessary. If the overdraft facility is too expensive, you can also contact a bank that offers short-term loans. If, for example, only 500 USD are required, an installment loan can also be considered. The advantages are obvious. The interest is at an extremely low level and the customer can take the repayment up to twelve months.

To find the cheapest cash loan, the loan calculator is suitable. The house bank does not always have the best offers. When searching, you should not place too much emphasis on interest, because the remaining conditions are also worth considering. A small cash loan wants to be repaid quickly. Special attention is therefore paid to the free special repayments. Most online banks no longer charge fees when the customer makes special payments on their credit.

Centiloan and other providers

Smava and other providers

If you are not in a hurry, you can try your luck at Centiloan or the other providers. Here, as a donor, there are no banks in the background, but private individuals. Interest rates are above the level of the banks, but if the banks refuse a small loan, there is a chance of a loan here. The loan amount is usually made up of several donors. A small loan amount may only be financed by a lender. This speeds things up and within a few days the money is in the account. The repayment is made in installments. How high these are can be determined by both parties.

Use of the credit card

Use of the credit card

A small cash credit can also be realized via the credit card. However, this only makes sense if payment in installments has been agreed beforehand. You can withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. So a small cash loan can be realized completely unbureaucratically. The amount will be repaid in monthly installments.

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